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Baltic Brothers is a cocktail infusion company. Our products offer four generations of family recipes passed down from father to sons. They are inspired by the polish tradition of foraging simple ingredients from the forest and infusing them with the finest vodkas or spirits. We offer the tools and knowledge to infuse your own spirits and alcohol at home. Just like a magician, you can transform simple spirits into delicious custom flavoured creations. Please enjoy, and as we say in Polish, cheers to your health – “Na zdrowie!”
Simply empty contents of pouch into 500mL glass mason jar, pour over with 375mL of your chosen spirit as indicated on front of pouch, seal jar and let stand for the amount of time indicated. Strain out solids using fine mesh strainer or cheesecloth. All flavour is now infused into liquid. Serve it on its own over ice or enjoy as part of your favourite cocktail.



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