Fresh Roots Farm

Fresh Roots Farm is a family farm business stewarded by Troy Stozek and Michelle Schram, along with their son Sydney. We are located near Cartwright, MB and sell raw honey, as well as grassfed beef and lamb and eggs from pasture-raised hens direct to Manitobans. We believe in the principles of "Nourish - Protect - Regenerate" when it comes to our management of the land and animals we steward, in addition to the quality of the food we produce. By working with nature and focusing on improving our farm ecosystem from the ground up, we hope our healthier land leads to healthier animals and healthier people.
The raw honey you are receiving is from our apiaries, where the bees have access to a wide diversity of flowers to forage from on land that is managed ecologically. This diversity of nectar and pollen sources is both important to the health of the bees and the flavour and texture of our honey, which is hard to find elsewhere. The honey is never heated or pasteurized and is a truly natural product as close to straight out of the honeycomb as you can get!
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