Mysa Candles

Mysa (MEE-sah) is a Swedish word meaning "time dedicated to coziness". Jen and Mike Gustafson are siblings born in a small Ontario community located in the woods and on the water, and raised in Winnipeg.  Their Swedish grandparents chose Red Lake, Ontario to build a family and a lumber business, while contributing to growing the community. Together, Jen and Mike have built Mysa Candles to share their love of those simple, cozy moments enjoyed with friends and family to simply relax and recharge.  All of their products are inspired by their Swedish background and the Canadian outdoors, and are crafted with love in Winnipeg.
Jen and Mike hand-pour 100% soy, wood wick candles, infused with their own blends of high quality fragrance and essential oils in simple and fresh scent combinations. They have also collaborated with Manitoba ceramicist LOT.ceramics to create a unique refillable candle line, consisting of ceramic vessels tailored by LOT.ceramics to fit Mysa Candles’ refill candles.


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