Prairie Barnwood

Prairie Barnwood

History has a way of leading us into directions we have never traveled, seeing clearer the things we have never really seen before and showing us the way. The countryside in rural Minnesota, Wisconsin, Michigan, and Ontario became the birthplace of the vision for Prairie Barnwood. It was here, on a family vacation that the idea first became reality. Rip down a barn. 4 simple words that would change the trajectory of their plans.
In 2008 Prairie Barnwood was founded by Blayne & Tara Wyton, they dismantle old barns, wood structures and old homesteads. Once the barn/structure has been dismantled it is taken back to their shop near Morden, Manitoba where it is sorted by type and dimensions before it is kiln dried to stabilize the moisture content. Each of their solid wood products are built with it’s own unique character and patina. Most pieces include knots, burrs, nail holes and other features that tell the story and history of the years and seasons throughout the wood. From dining tables, chairs and benches, buffets, vanities, coffee and end tables, beds and countertops, charcuterie and architectural pieces, we are committed to creating works of art for your home.
In the last 12 years Prairie Barnwood has grown, evolved, and moved, but one thing has remained; their vision and drive to create unique, one of a kind solid wood furniture pieces to last for generations. Each piece (custom or standard) is hand crafted individually from start to finish using authentic solid barnwood . From pulling each piece of wood off the shelf, to hand sanding, finishing and final assembly, each Prairie Barnwood heirloom is made with you and your family in mind.
Each soap tray is made from solid barnwood and sealed with a water based finish. 
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