Pure Joy Naturals

Pure Joy Naturals was started  in 2014 by Rob & Coral Fehr. They found that their desire for clean products was also what so many others were looking for and this became their mission- to provide people with pure, clean products that are natural and free from toxic ingredients.
Included in your Fall Edition of The Manitoba Box is Pure Joy Naturals All Natural Lip Balm. This lip balm contains only 100% natural ingredients and is based with beeswax  which is a antibacterial, an antioxidant as well as a anti-inflammatory substance that gives the balm the perfect texture. 
Pure Joy Naturals also produces a wide selection of Pure Essential Oils, natural products such as Deodorants, Skincare and Salves as well as jewelry, cases and diffusers for their oils. 
Check out their website- www.purejoynaturals.ca


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