ReWild/ Covers & Co.

Joseph Gardiner (left), Travis Avery (centre) & Mark Fallis (right)

They recommend watching Kiss The Ground & Biggest Little Farm documentaries on Netflix for further inspiration

ReWild/ Covers & Co.

Joseph Gardiner and Travis Avery have been passionate about soil and plant health for many years. Joseph is a cattle farmer near Clearwater, MB and has been using cover crops on his farm for 10+ years. Travis has been working alongside farmers as a representative at a soil lab and understands that soil biology controls the soil, not soil chemistry. They saw a huge opportunity in soil health then decided to follow their passion and began building their business. Together with Mark Fallis- owner of Crystal City Seeds and Owen Taylor- cattle farmer outside Mather, MB they are Covers & Co, a plant diversity and soil health company that has spent several years researching and developing crop mixes to improve the health and functionality of soil. Their research up until now has been focused on working with grain and cattle farms to adopt the principles of nature and now they want to take what they have learned and apply these principles to gardens; not only to improve the health but also the taste of your garden produce.
When ReWild (an extension of Covers & Co) was created Kennedy Collins who has been gardening since a young age and has always found interest in growing quality produce was brought on to represent the everyday farmer- “Gardeners are Farmers too”. By using plant diversity to stimulate soil biology in your garden,  you can eliminate the need for fertilizer, reduce weeds, sequester carbon, attract pollinators and improve the health and taste of your garden produce with just
1. PLANT "Spring Fling" garden cover crop into 1/3 of your garden. Water. Let grow.
2.  STOMP growing plants onto soil surface. To stimulate re-growth and feed soil biology
3.  PLANT garden into cover crop residue the following year  and repeat every 4 years.

Kennedy Collins

"Healthy soil,  healthy plants, better produce."

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