Ritchie Bison

Jim and Bridie Ritchie are the husband and wife team who own and operate Ritchie Bison near Souris, MB. Together they have two young children who also love to help on the farm. They took over the family farm in 2018 after Jims father had unexpectedly passed away a few years prior as a way to keep the farm in their family. They have worked hard to convert the farm from a cattle and grain operation to a bison ranch. This was a way for them to ensure the farms future would be a long one. They have since grown so much more and now their passion for this piece of land and the animals is something bigger than they could have ever imagined.  They are currently focusing on growing their herd whilst utilizing sustainable Agriculture practices to ensure their farm is productive for many generations to come.
Within every Fall Edition of The Manitoba Box we included one of Ritchie Bisons incredible Bison Balm. Bison Balm was Jim and Bridie’s answer to too much hand sanitizer and dry MB winters.  The balm has a luxurious whipped texture and a light scent. It’s most effective on dry areas but can be used as a daily moisturizer as well. Due to the richness of this balm a little bit goes a long way. Ritchie Bison hates to waste anything from these beautiful animals so this is another use for something that would otherwise be wasted. It’s a simple formula involving only three ingredients (bison tallow, olive oil, essential oil).  Their tallow process takes around 24 hours from raw product to the beautiful balm you have in your hands and is made on farm and in small batches.  Tallow easily penetrates your skins barrier to deliver its many vitamins and nutrients (A,D,E and K). 
They are hoping to expand their tallow products to include soaps in the future. Ritchie Bison also offer a full selection of incredible Bison cuts that can be purchased directly from their farm.
Check them out on Instagram @ritchie_bison
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