Colin McInnes knew from a young age that he wanted to be self-sufficient. His goal to learn to grow and raise his own food, learn carpentry, and acquire homesteading skills took him to many farms across Canada and Central America. Katie McInnes grew up secretly fantasizing about life on a ranch however,her path did not appear at first to lead in that direction; she spent her teens and twenties studying art, film, and theatre, and obtaining her degree in Fine Arts, Honours, from the University of Manitoba. When  she met Colin in 2012, she knew that she had stumbled upon her dream, but also that she had better catch up in the skills department. She then completed an internship at Room to Grow, an organic greenhouse near Boissevain, MB. They moved from Winnipeg to their first farm in 2013 where they rented land for two year while setting up their small farm dream.
They began with pigs, sheep, chickens, laying hens, geese, and a garden. Since then they have purchased land of their own near Clearwater, Manitoba where they established The Dogs Run Farm. The farm encompasses just under twelve acres +37 acres of rented pasture land on a beautiful valley, with a small unnamed creek or  run, at the bottom which from a birds eye view resembles a dog's head. This is how the farm got its name.
Katie & Colin are committed to producing excellent quality food  for themselves, their friends & family and their customers. Together they raise Dopper sheep, pigs, chickens, turkeys, laying hens, geese, miniature donkeys, a horse as well as a few cats & their dogs. On top of farming they also enjoy practicing skills such as carpentry, canning, soap making, tapping Manitoba maples for syrup and gathering food from the wild.
This small batch, hand made soap uses all natural and organic ingredients.They’re long lasting bars that won’t turn to slop in your soap dish that contain no artificial fragrances or colours.
Ingredients: Water, leaf lard*, organic coconut oil**, lye, organic castor oil, organic olive oil, organic shea butter**, organic sunflower oil, essential oils - some bars contain natural clays, activated charcoal, zinc oxide, or natural prairie sand.* From our pasture raised animals** Fair trade
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